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The Allison Canine Transformation Method

Using The ACT Method I perfected over a 37 year career as a dog trainer and dog behaviorist:

• I turned an old, blind and deaf dog into a great search dog

• I helped one dog who had been so badly abused that he would freeze in a down position and defecate all over himself anytime someone would go out into the yard to work with the other dogs. Using The ACT Method we boosted his self confidence and self esteem to the point he could go out into huge crowds of strangers and be extremely friendly to everyone. In addition, when given the correct signal for K9 protection, he could safely chase away anyone that threatened him or his handler. All of this while still remaining safe to be in the public any day of the week.

• We had a dog come in who tried to bite anyone who tried to touch him. He would do the same thing to strange dogs that tried to go near him. He was scheduled to be euthanized but after going through ACT He’s still alive and a happy member of a family that loves him.

These are just several stories out of thousands that ultimately have happy endings because of the Allison Canine Transformation Method.


Using The ACT Method, you will learn:

• How To Start With The Basics

• Proper Leash Handling

• How To Position Your Body

• How To Use Your Body Language to enhance Communication With The Dog

• How Dogs Communicate With Each Other & How To Use Their Natural Communication To Work With Them 10X More Effectively

• How A Dog Learns

• Understanding Different Dog Behaviors

• How To Fix and Reform Unwanted Behaviors

• Dog Training For The Real World

• The Best Tools To Work With A Dog and How To Use Them

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