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Allison Canine Transformation

My name is Frank M. Allison and I am the creator of the Allison Canine Transformation Method which we refer to as The ACT Method. I have spent over 37 years training dogs and studying their behavior and communication. I have trained over 3500 dogs and have literally saved the lives of over 1000 dogs who’s next stop was euthanization if we couldn’t turn their behavior around. I love everything about what we do but what we all love the most is saving the lives of unfortunate dogs who didn’t get a fair shake in their beginnings. I’m looking for dog trainers and regular folks who love dogs who would like to learn my method of dog training in the interests of saving the lives of many dogs in their own local areas. There are over 3500 animal shelters in the country and they do great work but unfortunately they feel they have no option but to put over a million dogs a year to death. It’s not fair and it’s not right. I’m putting my method out to the public at large so that aggressive or fearful or socially maladjusted dogs can find their way into loving homes for life as opposed to cages and concrete floors and eventually an untimely death.


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Allison Canine Transformation


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