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Dogs Deserve Better

There are over 3,500 animal shelters in the country. They do great work, but unfortunately, they feel they have no option but to put over a million dogs a year to death. It’s not fair and it’s not right. I’m putting my ACT method out to the public at large so that aggressive or fearful or socially maladjusted dogs can find their way into loving homes for life, as opposed to cages and concrete floors and eventually an untimely death.

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Allison Canine Transformation

It doesn’t happen overnight, but steady, observable progress can be made. Dogs possess a natural desire to fit in and please their owners. Together, we can chart a course so that your dog can live a happy, healthy life.

Why Choose Us

 Years Of Experience 

Frank M. Allison has decades of experience (37 years) with badly behaved dogs.

 The ACT Method 

By using the Allison Canine Transformation method (The ACT Method), you will learn how to fix and reform all unwanted behaviors.

 Positive Environment

The ACT Method is a a training protocal facility where practical obedience and positive control is highlighted. 

 Customized Training

Our private training sessions can be customized to your needs. We also offer service dog training and various workshops and seminars to clubs, rescues, or civic groups.

Amazing place. Frank is awesome he changed my dogs behavior around like it was nothing. My dog gets so excited seeing him and his staff now when he goes to daycare. Two thumbs up!!!
Frank truly has a magic touch when dealing with problematic dogs. We have the most amazing dog now thanks to all of his teaching and support over the years!
My dog is finally behaving. I went to Rock’s because my dog was aggressive when he met other dogs. Frank not only taught my dog how he should respond, but he also taught me how to respond to my dog in certain situations. I feel a lot more confident when my dog meets other dogs. I highly recommend Rock’s Positive K9 Training
I visit Rock’s K-9 Training with my very dog-aggressive German Shepherd. Frank Allison and his wonderful assistances are absolutely awesome trainers. Totally incredible results!
Frank did not just help me to change my dog’s behavior, but to also understand why my dog was acting as he was and how my dog was communicating.

A Great Place to Learn

For Dogs and Their Owners

Training foundation commands are essential for all dogs. Our emphasis is not only training these commands but using them in the context of your life.

Using The ACT Method, you will learn:

• How To Start With The Basics

• Proper Leash Handling

• How To Position Your Body

• How To Use Your Body Language to enhance Communication With The Dog

• How Dogs Communicate With Each Other & How To Use Their Natural              Communication To Work With Them 10X More Effectively

• How A Dog Learns

• Understanding Different Dog Behaviors

• How To Fix and Reform Unwanted Behaviors

• Dog Training For The Real World

• The Best Tools To Work With A Dog and How To Use Them


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Allison Canine Transformation


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